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Entrepreneurs and business owners often wrongly believe that having a certain number of followers or "Likes" on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter, is a good indicator of success. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is much more than that. It requires a balance between organic marketing and paid ads to enhance brand visibility and presence. As the best-rated social media marketing company in Brisbane, we are here to show you the way.

We have a team of in-house SMM, SEO, and PPC experts to help identify your brand's marketing requirements. We will use the findings to create a customized plan to address key concerns and drive more traffic and leads.

Social Media Marketing Company In Brisbane

Explore the advantages of social media marketing

Wondering why your local business in Perth should spend on social media marketing? The answer lies in one word – "Exposure". Getting seen on social media may not be an indicator of your brand's success but can help reach the targeted audience. Benefits of social media marketing include –

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility
  • Direct engagement with Targeted Customers
  • A perfect platform for tackling competition
  • A level playing field for all brands, regardless of size
  • Generate more sales and leads
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Budget-oriented plans for every requirement

My Geeks believes in explaining the process of SMM to clients. Our team will make an effort to show the merits of social media for your brand with reliable figures and metrics. We will also invest our time in auditing your social media presence to develop a scalable plan. To know more, call us now 0480 021 457

Incredible reasons to hire My Geeks

Finding the right social media marketing company in Perth is not always easy. If you are wondering whether you need My Geeks, we have a few reasons listed right here –

  • Hundreds of successful SMM projects to date
  • Over 100+ live projects
  • Marketing solutions for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit & more!
  • Free social media audit for your brand
  • Budget-oriented targeted ad campaigns
  • Advanced estimates – Pay for the quote you get
  • Detailed social media content plans!
  • An in-house team of SMM experts
  • Supreme customer support
  • Dedicated team manager for your project
  • Get social analytics reports every month
  • Support for comprehensive digital marketing

Our team has been at the forefront of offering customized SMM plans. We don't have the "one package fits all" approach for any project. Our team will make time to review your brand's existing social media marketing plans, and if you are new to online marketing, we will plan everything for your brand. Call us at 0480 021 457 to find more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does My Geeks charge?

    As a premium social media marketing company in Perth, we believe in transparency. Our team will do a social media audit, and once we are aware of the requirements, we will give an estimate in advance. You will typically pay the estimate each month, but we also have flexible payment plans to suit our customers' convenience.

  • How can we measure your work? 

    My Geeks offers scalable social media marketing plans. We rely on social analytics, data, and real-time numbers to offer readable reports. In other words, you can map your brand's journey on social media through our reports and charts. If you still have trouble understanding how our work benefits your brand, we will be happy to explain.

  • Can you help our brand with comprehensive online marketing?

    Yes, we can. We offer bespoke marketing plans that include SEO, PPC, and SMM. At My Geeks, we like to review client requirements to create tailored plans. Apart from the core aspects of online marketing, we also specialize in email marketing, online reputation management, and content marketing. We offer free estimates, and you don't have to feel obligated to hire us unless you are convinced of our expertise. Let us evaluate what your business needs to expand online. Still looking for a social media marketing company in Perth? Call us 1300 108 598 for more details on SMM, SEO, and more! Our helpdesk team is always around to answer questions and connect you with one of our marketing experts.